Ray Fishing Trips Poole Dorset




We are lucky to be able to catch the following Rays fishing out of Poole Dorset :

  • Sting Rays
  • Small Eyed Rays
  • Undulate Rays
  • Thornback Rays
  • Blonde Rays
  • Spotted Rays

The Undulate Ray ICUN Status is Endangered and are always returned unharmed if one is caught on SIlver Gannet. They can grow upto 20 lbs.

The Thornback Ray grows upto 35lbs and has a Near Threatened status.

The Small Eyed Ray grows upto 20 lbs and its status is also Near Threatened.

Typically Rays are caught at anchor using bait such as Squid, Mackerel and ragworm. The fishing rig is a very simple running ledger trace with a flowing trace 30lbs+



All Rays caught aboard Silver Gannet are returned and not kept.








A simple running ledger rig is ideal for catching Rays at anchor. Why complicate things !!



Just use a single hook and not a  2 hook Pennel rig


Bait the hook with a thin strip of Mackerel