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Safety Notice

Our Safety Equipment Includes:

Lift Raft

Life Jackets x 14

VHF Radios x 3

Life Ring-s x 2


1st Aid Kit CAT-C

Thermal Protective Aids (TPA’s)


A copy of this Safety Notice is also kept aboard Silver Gannet.

Boating can be dangerous and fishing is amongst the most dangerous professions in the UK. Should you decide to go for a trip aboard Silver Gannet, then you are deemed to have accepted liability for any associated risks.

You will be given a Safety Briefing by the skipper before heading to sea. If anything is unclear, please ask your skipper.

Each passenger should read this safety notice before going on a Silver Gannet trip, so you understand the risks that you are taking. These guidelines are provided to ensure your safety and help prevent any injuries aboard.

The following are a list of areas where you may need to take special care and be responsible for your own safety.

Moving About The Boat

Please take care when moving about the boat as it is not a stable platform. When moving around the deck, please use the rails and grab rails as support. Please pay particular attention when entering and exiting the cabin. Be very careful where you step as there could possibly be a tackle box which you could trip over. Be aware of any trip hazards. Be extra careful moving around the boat in rough sea or when there is a wash from another boat. If you need to move about in these conditions, please let the skipper know first.

Embarking & Disembarking

Please be very careful getting on and off the boat, and do not access/exit Silver Gannet without the permission of the Skipper. Do not put your hands or legs between the boat, quay wall or pontoon especially when the boat is coming alongside. Never attempt to board or get off the boat until she is secured by ropes and the skipper has given permission to do so. Always make sure that you have at least one hand free so that you can hold onto the handrails provided.  It is a good idea to consider passing equipment and baggage to other passengers or crew rather than trying to carry it between the boat and shore.

Handling of Knives

Please be careful when using knives as they are sharp and potentially dangerous. Do not walk about the boat holding a knife. Be very careful handling a knife in rough conditions. No knives are to be used when the engines are running. Do not leave unprotected knives on the bait table.

Fishing Tackle 

No casting is allowed from the boat.

Please take care of sharp hooks and be very careful you don’t let your lead swing on your rod and line as that could injure another person on board. Remove lead weights when the boat is underway. Be careful to stow tackle boxes safely and make sure the handles cannot trip anybody up. If you handle leads, it is advised to wash your hands before eating.

Handling of Fish

Many of the species we catch aboard Silver Gannet have spines, sharp teeth, and rough skin and, in some cases, are poisonous. Some fish have sharp spines such as bass, gurnard, rays and bream. Other fish such as Congers, Ling, Tope and Rays could cause an injury by biting. Dogfish and tope have rough skin and can cause abrasions. Some species like weaver fish are poisonous. Please ask the Skipper to handle the fish if you are unsure.

Medical Conditions

If you have any medical condition that will affect you throughout the day or compromise the safety of those onboard, please let the skipper know before the trip starts. If so, you should reconsider about booking any type of trip aboard Silver Gannet. 

If you have a medical condition or are unstable on your feet, then you need to decide if it is safe for you to go to sea.


Smoking is only permitted on deck, so long as it does not upset any of the other passengers. Smoking is not allowed in the cabin.

Alcohol Use

Although not advisable, a small amount of alcohol is acceptable. However, if any passenger becomes worse for wear the trip will immediately be terminated on safety grounds.


It is your responsibility to bring warm and waterproof clothing and non-slip footwear. A hat, sunglasses and sun cream are almost essential to bring along for our trips.

The Owner/Skipper of Silver Gannet Charters does not accept any responsibility if you choose not to comply with these safety guidelines.

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