Pollock Fishing Trips Poole Dorset


Pollock  can be caught both inshore and offshore, but typically the big ones are caught offshore drifting wrecks mid-channel.

Pollock swim at varying depths so you need to adjust how far you reel up on the day. Typically you need to reel up 10 -15 turns and if you have not had a take just let the line done again and repeat the process. On a day wrecking trip it can get very tiring reeling up and down continuously. If you get a hit don’t strike but just lift into the fish.

Pollock are best fished between January – April , but you can catch them all season.

A Portland rig works well with a 10 foot+ trace with a lure or shad.

.It’s a good idea when drifting wrecks to us a weaker n=mono to attach your lead to the trace. That way when you get snagged in the wreck you only lose the lead and not your trace and leader which will take you out for the next drift.







This is an ideal rig for Pollock fishing  – simple Portland rig with a artificial lure . I recommend a 10 foot + trace . Also remember to use a weaker mono to secure your lead to the trace . This helps ensure that you don’t lose all your rig and leader if you get snagged in the wreck.