Plaice Fishing Trips Poole Dorset


Plaice arrive at our shores in early Spring and stay with us till late Autumn. They are caught in numbers in Poole Bay and Poole Harbour.

Plaice are aggressive fish and will nibble away at your bait munching the ragworm before they finally take the bait.

We use light spinning rods and fixed spool reels spooled with braid.

The bait we use is ragworm tipped with squid but Prawn is also very deadly.

The rig we use is a running ledger rig with beads spoon and a hook.

The fishing technique is to hold the line in your hand with the bail arm off, and as soon as you feel a bite let line out so the bait stays at the same place on the sea bed. Once you feel another bite slowly lift into the fish.