Conger Fishing Trips Poole Dorset


Conger Eels are shy biters. So you need to judge when to lift into the fish or strike it. You need to be very patient and let the conger have time to take the bait.

Mackerel is the bait most used to catch Congers,  A mackerel head or flappers is great for congers, but pouting, squid and cuttlefish also are good baits.

Small immature congers of  few pounds in weight are called Strap Congers.

They hide in crevices and in the wrecks. You need a wire trace or heave momo traces 100/150+ lbs and hooks between 6/0 – 10/0.

Congers can grow upto 200lbs. Because of their large size and the fact they put of a strong fight, Conger fishing is a highly rated sport amongst many anglers.

Some people like to keep congers they catch, and say they make the best fish cakes.

They tend to be caught at anchor close to wrecks, but they also like rough ground and rocky marks.

The large congers are always female.

Congers have been caught upto 200 lbs, but a 350lbs conger eel was caught in a net off Iceland.

Wreck Fishing Trips in weak tides is an ideal chance  to try for a conger.