Bass Fishing Trips Poole Dorset



Sea Bass grow upto 4 ft in length and  can weigh 20 lbs.

The minimum size to keep is 42 cms in length.

There is a Catch & Release policy in place for the 3 months of December, January and February.  Anglers are limited to 2 fish per day  in all other months.

Bass are a highly sought after fish amongst anglers due to their fighting qualities and are aldo a very tasty fish to eat.

Bass will take Artificial lures when drifting and also bait and worms when at anchor.

Live Baiting is also a vert effective method of catching Bass.

Bass fishing is best around  strong spring tides.

We catch Bass both inshore and offshore.

CEFAS in 2014 ran a Research Project to learn more about the their migration patterns in UK waters.

CEFAS released 48 bass from Weymouth that had been tagged. One Bass was found over 196 kms from where it was originally released. This showed that Bass are capable of traveling very large distances are do not stay local

So when you go to a Bass mark , on Silver Gannet, and catch a Bass it won’t be the same shoal that was there a few days before. They are constantly moving about the UK coastal waters following bait fish to feed on.

Drifting over a feature or rough ground works well well in strong tides using artificial lures . I have found that blue lures seem to outfish other colours.

At Anchor a simple running ledger trace works well.

We try and encourage fisherman onboard to return the large Bass so they can continue to grow the shoal.  and to be honest the smaller Bass are much nicer to eat.









Portland Rig  ideal for Bass fishing  Anchored or Drifting