Dogfish Fishing Trips Poole Dorset




Dogfish which can grow upto 4 – 5 lbs are called Less Spotted Dogfish but they are typically 1 – 2lbs in weight.

Bull Huss (greater spotted dogfish) can grow upto 20 lbs and are usually a bi-catch when targeting other species like Congers.

They are extremely unfussy scavengers  will take almost any bait, including fish, worms, shellfish and prawns.

Dogfish is not particularly nice to eat, and have little commercial value. However fisherman us dogfish to bait their lobster pots.

Any trace will catch a dogfish so long as your bait in on the bottom.

You tend to catch a lot of dogfish at anchor in slack tide.

All dogfish, Bull Huss, Spur Dogs and Tope are returned back to the sea.